Skincare habits to cultivate in 2021

You know the whole new year new me thing everyone and their grandma has going on around this time? Yea, we’re not doing that. While we think it’s important to have good skincare habits all year round, we also know that you want this type of content, so, here goes.

1. Double Cleansing at night.

If you use sunscreen, you’d know that a simple one-step cleanse wouldn’t really remove all the sunscreen off your face, because sunscreen was designed to be sweat and water-resistant. A simple oil cleansing step as your first cleansing step would help with that. A good oil cleanser to recommend would be the JIRI First Step Cleansing Oil (of course).

2. Wash everything that comes into contact with your face.

Do you know those pesky pimples that seem to never go away? We’ve found out that most times, recurring pimples especially in the same location are usually caused by reinfection, putting dirty objects with bacteria (such as your phone case, pillowcase, makeup brushes) on your face without washing them frequently. The rule of thumb here is at least once a week. If you don’t use a casing then wipe your phone down with a cotton ball or a wipe and alcohol.

3. Exfoliate once a week.

Exfoliating can be a game changer when added to your routine. You can go from rough textured skin to baby smooth skin in a few weeks if you know how to exfoliate properly. The key here is to start and add it to your once a week routine for starters until you get a good understanding of what your skin wants and go from there. If you need help with that please leave a comment under this post and we’ll work with you. Here are few recommendations to get started with.

4. Wear a moisturiser daily.

Even though the weather isn’t consistent (today harmattan, tomorrow rain), your skin needs moisturising regardless. Since we’re 70% water, it’s only logical to assume that our skin thrives better when we moisturise. We’re better able to fight all the signs of aging, like wrinkles forming by making sure we don’t skimp out on moisturising our skin early on in life. So slather on that moisturiser like no one’s watching. Here are a few of our favorites.

5. Wear sunscreen everyday.

This point was purposely put last because it’s the most important one. The damages caused by the sun is too much to be talked about as a point in a post. It deserves a whole post (coming soon). All we’re trying to say is put on sunscreen and you can increase the chances of your aging gracefully like Genevieve Nnaji. And wear it all day every day, reapply every two hours, even when you’re indoors. Thank you.

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