About Us

“Omari Skin was created out of a need for simple skincare that’s transparent and affordable.”

Our Aim

Setting Industry Standards

We aim to combine potent ingredients and modern science to make products that work effectively to strengthen the skin barrier and help accelerate your skin’s natural healing process. We hope to create experiences that are both enjoyable and safe for all skin types.

At Omari Skin, we believe that we’re a brand that brings nature’s gifts to your skin. With products infused with pure organic oils, hydrosols and extracts, we aim to set a standard in skincare, helping you to attain healthy skin and glow in the safest way possible.

We also try to be as transparent as possible with our ingredients, while educating you on each ingredient, so that you can make the best choice for yourself.



Satisfied customers and growing

Est. 2020

Our Story

OmariSkin was founded by a skincare enthusiast and self-love advocate Ruth. She created OmariSkin after suffering from skin-related issues like boils and very sensitive skin.

During her pregnancy and after the birth of her second child, she suffered from horrifyingly large boils that she passed on to her son. After a series of tests and antibiotics, they remained, then she opted to do more research on skincare.

What she realized while going doing her research on the Nigerian skincare space was scary.

A lot of people were being misled with false information to make sales while the brands that had good products were too pricey for the average person to afford.

So she set to work on learning how to make products to help with her skin condition herself with certified training.

After several months of being boil free, she sought to share her findings with the world while providing important information to keep people informed about their skin, and so far, we think she’s doing a good job. Don’t you?

Our Promise

Your Satisfaction

We promise to be 100 percent transparent with our formulations, telling you all you need to know about our ingredients, warning you about potential reactions to our products (definitely rare), and make sure you absolutely love our products.

We promise to use only essential ingredients in our products and leave all the fluff and unnecessary ingredients out so that you don’t overwhelm your skin with a lot of ingredients. Simple and effective is best.

We promise to make our skincare affordable because we believe that skincare should be a necessity not a luxury. You deserve to glow so you should be able to afford to.

We promise to use mostly great ingredients and leave out harmful and toxic ingredients off our ingredient list or at least less than 1% of the entire formulation. You should glow, but not at the expense of your health.

We promise to make products that won’t physically alter your skin, that includes bleaching, “toning” and all harmful things that we see people do to their skin. We believe that allowing your skin to heal itself while protecting it from the hazardous sun is the best thing you can do.

We promise that if we break any of the promises mentioned before, you will be given your money back. All of it. That’s how much we care.